Bramley and Gage

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Based just outside Bristol, Bramley & Gage have been making liqueurs for over 20 years and have now added 6 O’clock Gin to their offerings. 6 O’Clock Gin takes its name from Edward Kain, the dapper gentleman seafarer and great-grandfather of Bramley & Gage’s Head Distiller. Edward enjoyed his gin at 6 o’clock every day, in true naval fashion.

A fresh citrus gin with delicate floral tones, 6 O’Clock Gin is clean and smooth. A staunchly traditional base of pine and citrus is enlivened by elderflower and orange zest as well as a faint touch of almond. This is a tremendously light and citrusy gin, perfect for the gentle warmth of a spring evening.

Bramley & Gage will also be bringing along their very own vermouth, raspberry, elderflower, quince wine & cherry brandy to the event. Get your tasting palette at the ready!