Origin: The Multisensory Chocolate Experience

PLEASE NOTE: On-line ticket sales for Origin has now closed. Tickets will be available on the day on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April at a special festival price of £10 from the Information Desk inside the Taste Chocolate Festival.

Origin is a show like no other. Part immersive theatre, part chocolate tasting experience, part experimental psychology – it is the distillation of Understory’s creative practice as award-winning artists.

In groups of ten, audience members are led through a choreographed three-part sensory journey, centred around the taste of chocolate. Understory explore art, tarot, mindfulness, music and psychology to enhance the way audience members remember their past, understand their present and consider their future. By using chocolate as anchor in time, the audience can explore memories, hopes and dreams in three poignant, funny and delicious experiences.

The journey is split into three parts in this running order:


Playfully explore your future and ambitions through Tarot, gastromancy (fortune telling from stomach rumbles) and chocolate.


An intimate immersive experience using choreographed touch to enhance our understanding of ourselves through music, mindfulness and chocolate.


Bespoke scents, an experimental psychologist, memories and the lingering taste of chocolate coalesce in this experience that explores who we were and who we will be.

Origin is an active tasting experience, there’s no chance of being distracted by external factors, throughout the whole experience visitors are completely present in that moment.


Tickets for Origin are available to buy on the day at the festival at a price of £10 (please note a festival ticket will still need to be purchased at a price of £4 for adults, free for children under 13). Please visit the Information Desk inside the festival to book tickets.

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